Links to RENTAL SITES for Natz Ti Ha Condominiums (last updated: 11-Jan-17)

Penthouse A301 B301 C301 D301 E301 F301 G301 H301 I301 J301 K301 L301
2nd floor A201 B201 C201 D201 E201 F201 G201 H201 I201 J201 K201 L201
1st floor A101 B101 C101 D101 E101 F101 G101 H101 I101 J101 K101 L101
Color Key:
3 bedroom, 3 bath 2 bedroom, 2 bath 2 bedroom, 1 bath Not available to rent Long term rentals

Listings by Rental Managers:
Playa Breeze (12)Penthouses: D301 H301 I301 K301, 2nd floor: D201 G201 J201 I201, 1st floor: A101 E101 F101 L101
Playa Rental Properties (10)Penthouses: A301, J301, 2nd floor: H201 K201, 1st floor: C101 G101 H101 I101 J101 K101
Puerto Aventuras Rentals (3)Penthouses: B301 E301 L301, 2nd floor: --, 1st floor: --
North American Standards (2)Penthouses: --, 2nd floor: -- 1st floor: B101, D101
Long Term Rentals (2)Penthouses: B301 2nd floor: L201 1st floor: --

Additional picture and information sources:
Loco Gringo great pictures, forums, trip reports
Playa Info excellent area info
www.cancunmap.comThe best tour guides and maps of Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya

Individual Condo Listings:
CondoPrimary ListingsAdditional Listings
A101 - Condo Quinta Playa Breeze VRBO #46671
A201 - Condol del Arbol Playa Rentals VRBO # 66811
A301 - Penthouse Del Sol Playa Rental Properties
B101 - Casa Puesta del Sol North American Standards
B201 - Condo de Jardin VRBO # 39273
B301 - Casa Cocatino Puerto Aventuras Rentals Vacationhomes Flip-Key Long Term Rentals
C101 - Condo Inlakech Playa Rental Properties
C201 owner managed
D101 - Condo Paul's Dream North American Standards
D201 - Condo Carrie Playa Breeze
D301 - Condo Casa Pepen Playa Breeze HomeAway #292925 VRBO # 293925ha
E101 - Condo Del Rio Playa Breeze VRBO # 123962 Flipkey HomeAway Vacationhomes
E301 - Casa Buena Vista Puerto Aventuras Rentals Better Vacations
F101 - Casa Na Mara VRBO #684392
F201 - Condo Toucan VRBO #586276
F301 - Penthouse Vista del Mar VRBO #711292 Vacation Homes
G101 - Condo Bonita Playa Rental Properties
G201 - Condo Del Sol Naciente Playa Breeze Vacationhomes
H101 - Condo de Playa Playa Rental Properties
H201 - Condo de Aventuras Vacation Rentals #7049280 Playa Rental Properties VRBO #555295 VRBO #7049280ha Exotic Holiday Rentals
H301 - Casa Chiripa Playa Breeze VRBO
I101 - Condo Feliz Playa Rental Properties
I201 - Condo La Brisa Playa Breeze
I301 - Casa Lomeli Playa Breeze VRBO #4288888ha
J101 - Condo Leonora Playa Rental Properties
J201 - Condo Riviera Maya Playa Breeze
J301 - Penthouse Palmeras Playa Rental Properties VRBO Facebook
K101 - Casita Beuna Vida Playa Rental Properties VRBO #555294
K201 - Condo Paraiso Playa Rental Properties
K301 - Condo Caribe Playa Breeze VRBO #293929ha
L101 - Condo Nirvana Playa Breeze
L201 - Casa Anatolia Puerto Aventuras Rentals Long Term Rentals